Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break

Spring has officially arrived today!!!! 
Not sure if the weather will show us the true meaning of SPRING!
Spring Break: March 24th-March 30th

Enjoy your Spring Break and Be Safe!!!

School Resumes Monday, March 31st

Penny Timelines: Memory Planning Sheets

Memory Planning Sheets for timelines are due Wednesday, April 2nd. Students will use these planning sheets to guide them in writing about their life. This project is based on our Second Grade Social Studies Standards and allows students to really feel connected to the project at hand because it is about their life.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pennies for Patients

Student Council kicked off our Pennies for Patients Fundraiser on Monday, March 10th. 
This is what has been going on: there are 6 buckets outside of the library window every morning with 2 student council representatives there to help. The buckets are labeled by grade level.

Your Grade Level ONLY wants pennies in their buckets. 

If a student brings in silver coins or dollar bills, they want to put them in another grade levels bucket to make them in the negative.

The reason for this is that pennies keep you in the positive, and silver coins and dollars put you in the negative. 

The grade with the most positive dollar amount will win! You will win a pajama and popcorn day for all three classes! 
***PLEASE keep saving all of your change and return it to school each day.***

Also here is the link to Pennies for Patients for more information and video explanations.  


********THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!!!**********

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Model Two-Digit Addition

Our second graders have been learning about REGROUPING using two and three-digit addition. We have found a song on youtube that has helped our students understand the steps to take to regroup when adding numbers. Take a look----------You Carry Over


Our second graders are following The Last Great Race called the Iditarod.

We kicked off the Iditarod race this past Friday, February 28th. We read an Iditarod fact and infomational book, teaching students how to use our interactive musher board pictured below. Students will choose a musher, make a musher "moving stick" with the picture and information from the internet and use it to manipulative the interactive board, moving their musher according to the current standings each day. We then introduced the all-inspiring BALTO! They always love the dogs the most! Students also created pennants rooting for their musher. 

Check out our IditaRead activity that goes along with our unit study. The letter and log were adapted from the Educators portion of

Click Here: for the official Iditarod website