Monday, March 23, 2015

Study Trip to the Portage IMAX Theater

We are beginning our Writing Unit on Researching Animals. As an opening activity to engage students in animal life and life cycles, we took a study trip to the Portage IMAX Theatre to see Under the Sea in 3D. The students loved the movie and loved having the entire theatre to just our 2nd grade classes. The movie educated the students on how sea animals survive and their life cycles. Very Engaging!!!!

The Skin You Live In by Micael Tyler

Author Michael Tyler wrote "The Skin You Live In" to deliver an important message to young readers about social acceptance. He also includes themes such as friendship, acceptance, self-esteem, and diversity. We were lucky enough to have a teacher from the Munster Performing Arts and Science program to visit TC and teach the students how to create their own self portrait. This was a great lesson for the students to see how each of us is unique. It was engaging and allowed the students to create themselves on paper. They all turned out AWESOME!!!

Campbells Soup Label Winners

Great Job 2nd Graders!!!!
We won a Hot Chocolate Party and a day to wear our PJ's. We will celebrate Friday, March 27th for collecting the most Campbell's Soup Labels!!!!
Great Job----Keep Saving those Labels!!

St. Patrick's Day

We had a visit from the Leprechaun!!! Oh boy, did that little guy destroy our class. He left a note on the SmartBoard telling the kiddos that he left some items behind. The students found the items and we set them on my desk. The craziest thing is.......Mr. Leprechaun ended up coming back to get the items he lost the night of St. Patrick's Day!!!!