Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thanksgiving Feast

2nd Grade Thanksgiving Feast

Our 2nd grade students will be celebrating our Thanksgiving Feast on Wednesday, November 23rd. Each class will be reciting a poem in front of the entire 2nd grade and the volunteers. We are excited to celebrate a wonderful Holiday that teaches us to be Thankful for many things, including each other. 
Please make sure your child's poetry folder is coming home to practice their Thanksgiving Feast poem. 

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. 


Saturday, November 12, 2016


Bouncy Bands---Get Your Wiggles Out

Thank you to TCEF for their generosity in funding my grant to help students sit at their desks and rest their feet on a band to get their wiggles out. We are so appreciative!!!!

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your child’s class benefited from a grant entitled
                   Bouncy Bands: Get Your Wiggles Out

This educational opportunity was made possible with funding by the Tri-Creek Education Foundation, Inc.  As a result of its fundraising success, the Foundation is able to provide grants for innovative projects like this activity.  My class and I are grateful for the Foundation’s support in enhancing student learning throughout the school corporation.

For additional information, please contact the Foundation at 219.750.1262 or visit their website at 


Mrs. Katie Taylor